6-part Video Strength Training Series for Your Active Agers – #activeagingweek

You don’t rise to the level of your goals, ambitions, or desires.  You fall to the level of your training and your systems.


Happy Monday. Jenice and I hope your week is off to a great start.

Last week, October 1-7, was Active Aging Week.  

If you are like us and work with Active Agers, then you are part of a growing movement that celebrates our older adults and empowers them to be active participants in their health and wellness.

While our industry continues to promote strategies and programs that are geared to the younger and athletic populations, you and I focus on the Active Agers.

We also focus on YOU, the industry specialist who is trained to work with Active Agers – baby boomers, seniors, and the Gen X’ers who will soon turn 60.

This is exactly why we created the Integrative Movement System™ and share so much free content with you here as well as our other social media sites:

Because our mission is to empower you to be able to confidently:

  • Assess your clients and determining the underlying causes of tightness, discomfort, weakness, balance issues, and inability to perform at the levels they need and want
  • Address these causes by using the most appropriate corrective exercises
  • Progress your clients so they can successfully and safely achieve their health and fitness goals.

During the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program – designed specifically for health and fitness professionals like you who specialize in training Active Agers – we teach you a specialized process and how to design the most power training programs for your Active Aging clients.

We share with you how to:

  • Understand common health issues like spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and working with clients after joint replacements, strokes, and falls;
  • Have a systematic process for assessing your clients to recognize their specific abilities and limitations;
  • Develop the most appropriate corrective and functional exercises to improve strength, power, and balance.

To help get you jump started in learning some of the concepts we teach in the program, in last week’s edition of Integrative Movement Insider™, I shared:

  • How to easily assess your clients
  • How to choose the most appropriate exercise progressions to improve strength, power, and balance
  • How to immediately determine if you have improved your client’s stability and range of motion during your resistance training programs

If you missed any part of the 6-part series covering Squatting, Bending, Pushing, Pulling, Balance, Walking, or Rotating, you can access it below.

And if you’re ready to invest in yourself and attract more Active Agers that want and need your expertise, then join us for the final live training of the year.

We are offering the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program at our office in Chicago, IL and there are only 10 2 spots remaining.

This Certification Program is guaranteed to improve your process for assessing and training Active Agers.

Additionally, you’ll connect with others specializing in the Active Aging population and elevate your skillset in working with older individuals that present with spine, hip and shoulder issues.

And, you’ll earn up to 24 CEC’s from ACE, AFAA, and FAI.

Make it a great day and I’ll speak with you later in the week.

You can access the 6-part video training series here.

P.S. If you are serious about making 2020 your best year ever, in differentiating yourself, and attracting more individuals that want and need your expertise, then join us this November.

We absolutely guarantee this is the best and most appropriate course for training the Older Adult or we will refund 100% of your enrollment fees. Therefore, you have zero risk if you feel this program is not right for you.  Register today!