The Best Exercises for Improving Your Clients Shoulder Range of Motion and the One Thing You Need to Have Your Clients Stop Doing

Welcome to the fourth edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ for 2019. Jenice and I hope your week is off to a great start! We just got back from Korea sharing the Integrative Movement System™ Approach to Posture and Movement with an amazing group of chiropractors, physical therapists, and fitness professionals. On Days 2 and 3 of […]

Ankle Mobility or Balance Issues? Assess and Use Corrective Exercise

Earlier, I was on Facebook Live discussing: How Incomplete Rehab Syndrome of the Ankle can lead to ankle mobility and balance issues in your clients A simple assessment to evaluate ankle mobility and foot stability in your clients A simple corrective exercise to improve ankle mobility and foot stability How Towel Scrunches and Marble Pickups […]

Integrative Movement Insider™ The Shoulder 2.0: 5-Part Mini Course

Part I: Get Instant and Unlimited Access to Complete Shoulder Conditioning 2.0>>>>>>>>>> Part II:   Part III:   Part IV:   Bonus Video:   Part V: SAVE NOW during our Special Holiday event on Complete Shoulder Conditioning 2.0

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