Ankle and Foot Issues? Strategies This Week at IIHFE Facebook Live

This past weekend Jenice, Sara, and I hosted our Annual Mastery course for graduates of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ program.

These individuals have completed the year-long Integrative Movement Specialist™ program and come back annually to enhance their knowledge, ‘level up’ their skills, and be supported by like-minded colleagues.

While we love meeting and interacting with health and fitness professionals all over the world, getting the opportunity to hang, teach, and learn from these individuals is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of the year for us.

As I mentioned in my Facebook Live session from yesterday, there is no substitute for live training.

On-line education and training is a great tool and one I take complete advantage of every single week to enhance my own knowledge and skills.

However, when I want to ‘level up’ my education, my skills, and my knowledge so that I remain relevant and a leader in the industry I seek out live training from my mentors.

One of my business mentors is Brian Tracy. I had the pleasure of spending an entire 5 days with him a few years ago. In his most recent book Just Shut Up and Do It! he says:

“The difference between people in almost every field, the successful and the unsuccessful, is that the successful people simply know more than their competitors. They are better informed.”

And I will add, not only are they better informed, the most successful people simply have a better skill-set.

While on-line learning is a necessary vehicle for becoming better informed, nothing beats live training for enhancing your skills, interacting with others, learning the best-practices of what’s currently working both from a technical as well as business standpoint.

This coming weekend we’ll be in Phoenix, AZ doing our 3-day intensive program: Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor Certification Program.

This is the most complete training if you work with the older adults with osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, chronic tightness, discomfort, and those looking to stay healthy and age gracefully.

One of the topics we’ll cover during this 3-day intensive is balance in the older adult. We will share strategies for improving core, hip, and the ankle-foot complex to improve stability, mobility and balance.

When you understand how the foot and ankle functions, you can dramatically and often times immediately change your clients balance by improving how they use and integrate their ankle-foot complex into their functional movement patterns.

To support your on-line education, during this week’s Facebook Live sessions I will be covering the most important and pertinent things you need to know about working with older adults with chronic ankle and foot issues.

·      Today I’ll be covering: A Simple Assessment for the foot and ankle…

…and why we don’t use the ‘short foot’

·      Wednesday – One of our Go-to Corrective Exercise Release strategies for Training Clients with ankle and foot stiffness…

…this strategy will help your older clients release common areas of tightness around their ankle and foot complex.

·      Thursday – Activating the Foot Tripod

…how to cue individuals to appropriately position their foot when loading during Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, etc.

·      Friday – Functional Integration Patterns

…how to integrate and train the ankle and foot complex into your functional movement patterns so your older clients have better mobility and stability.

By the end of the week, you will better understand how the foot and ankle function, why we don’t teach the ‘short foot’, how to address common causes of ankle and foot tightness, and how to teach your clients to successfully integrate the ankle and foot complex into their functional movement patterns they need and/or want to do.

And don’t worry if you miss any of the sessions…all sessions are recorded and will be available on our Facebook page.  Click here to view our page.

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Make it a great week!