Video Part 5 >>> Strength Training for Your Active Agers – #activeagingweek

Do you have a specific process for assessing and improving balance in your Active Aging population? Dr. Evan Osar demonstrates an easy assessment and functional training progression to improve posture, balance, and walking. For more information and free resources, sign up for Integrative Movement Insider™️ at To learn more about our certifications click here: […]

Video Part 4 >>> Strength Training for Your Active Agers – #activeagingweek

Video Part 4: For Active Agers with forward, tight shoulders, here’s what to do… Next: How to help your clients improve balance and walking This week is Active Aging Week so we’re dedicating this week’s editions of Integrative Movement Insider™ to helping you develop your expertise in training the fundamental movement patterns. Did you catch […]

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