Dr. Evan Osar Interviews Active Aging Training Specialist Jackie Bachmeier of Evolution Fitness & Wellness

👉🏾Jackie Bachmeier discussed: ✣How she and her team utilizes the Integrative Movement System™ to work with older adults with chronic tightness, balance issues, and common medical issues ✣the importance of being a Specialist and getting the right training and coaching ✣how being a part of a Mastermind with Dr. Dan M. Ritchie (Functional Aging Institute) […]

You don’t rise to the level of your desires…

🌐Rather, you fall to the level of your training. ✣If you want to achieve extraordinary and repeatable results with your clients, you need to use a proven system. ✣If you want referrals from Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractic Physicians, you need to be able to confidently communicate your system and process with them. ✣If […]

Do You Want Referrals from Health and Medical Professionals?

See Dr. Osar at the Elite Fitness and Performance Summit. Use our code EFPS2019 to save $100 on your enrollment. Those who enroll will get a FREE 30 minute consultation with Dr. Osar. Register today! https://ubsystems.isrefer.com/go/EFPS2019/IMS/ FINAL OPPORTUNITY for Early Bird Registration for this October’s Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program. This 3-day intensive Certification […]

Hamstring Lengthening – Part 2: Why Your Older Clients Have Short Hamstrings – The 3-Step Process to Lengthening Hamstrings and Why You Must Teach Your Clients to Bend Properly

Do you want referrals from Medical Doctors, Chiropractic Physicians, and Physical Therapists? Dr. Osar will share with you how to do that when you enroll in the 2019 Elite Fitness and Business Summit. Click here to register today: https://ubsystems.isrefer.com/go/EFPS2019/IMS/ Use our code EFPS2019 to save $100 off your enrollment. Once you enroll we will schedule your […]

Hamstring Tightness? The BEST Exercise For Lengthening Hamstrings Is…

Happy Tuesday. Jenice and I hope you had a great weekend. We were in Orlando, FL with our niece Sascha who helped us conduct The Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program. This Certification Program is the introduction to the Integrative Movement System™. Thank you to all the great fitness professionals who joined us in Orlando, […]

Hamstring Problems?

Stop trying to ‘stretch’ tight hamstrings. Understand the functional anatomy and role of the hamstrings and develop a more purposeful and appropriate strategy. For more information on how to apply this system to the programs you’re already using with success and learn more about this system, go to https://iihfe.com/certifications/

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