Do You Regularly Ask Yourself This Question…

Happy Tuesday!

Jenice and I hope your week is off to a great start.

We just returned from beautiful Phoenix, AZ where we were presenting at Fitness Fest. What an amazing weekend of sharing, learning, and meeting incredible folks.

Thanks to the entire Fitness Team (Janice Jaicks, Gretchen Carter, and volunteers) for putting on a great event.

And of course, a special thanks to all the amazing fitness professionals that shared the weekend with us. You made the weekend amazing for Jenice and I.

Pictured: With participants in the most packed session of the entire conference – Training the Female Core 2.0; self-assessing in Shoulder Conditioning 2.0;  with Mrs. Arizona and fitness professional, Kella Price; the amazing women in our Pre Con – Training Strategies for Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, and/or Osteoporosis; Luis – fit pro leading the fitness industry in Guam!

One of the over-riding themes in our sessions – in fact, it’s the over-riding concept the core of our business – is to be on purpose.

Being on purpose is about working on the things that create the most outstanding and sustainable changes in your clients.

Being on purpose helps you focus on things that matter most in your business as well as in your life.

Being on purpose is what being a Specialist is all about.

The question you need to ask yourself and repeatedly check in with is:

Am I being purposeful?

 The most extraordinary and effective leaders are purposeful in the most important things pertaining to their clients.

  • As a health and fitness professional, this means being purposeful with your assessments, training, client homework, and helping them develop more optimal habits.

The most extraordinary and effective leaders have a purposeful daily routine so that they stay focused on the most important things in their business.

  • As a health and fitness professional, this means developing a powerful and empowering daily routine that gets you ready for peak performance and keeps you focused on the most important aspects of your business.

The most extraordinary and effective leaders have a system that allows them to produce repeatable and sustainable results.

  • As a health and fitness professional, this means you must have a systematic approach to your assessments, training, and program design as well as for client attraction and retention.

So, my question to you is, are you being purposeful about what you do with your clients? With your daily routine? With your business?

If your goals are to:

  • Help more of your clients improve their health and wellness
  • Attract more of the right individuals that need, want, and will pay you for expertise
  • Develop yourself into the go-to specialist in your area

Then develop a very purposeful:

  • Daily routine
  • Systematic approach for working with your clients
  • Approach to your business

In this week’s series of Integrative Movement Insider™, I’m going to share with you how to be more purposeful in these 3 areas.

Because I want you to remember this…

Your current clients – as well as your potential clients – are looking for a Specialist, not someone who will throw a bunch of trendy, gimmicky strategies that they picked up from their favorite social media guru who knows nothing about training anyone but themselves.

In other words, our industry needs for YOU to be a Specialist.

You develop yourself into a Specialist by being purposeful about your daily routine, how you work with your clients, and how you run your business.

Our primary goal this year is to help you become the Specialist your current clients need and your potential clients will seek out.

The reason we share so much free content here in our blog, on our YouTube Channel, and/on Instagram (@iihfe), is to help you develop yourself into the Specialist for your current clients as well as your potential clients.

The ‘purpose’ of this email is simple…

  • Develop a purposeful approach and set yourself up for success with your clients, in your business, and in your life.

Make it a great day and I’ll be on Facebook live tomorrow sharing strategies for developing a very purposeful approach to working with your clients and for attracting more individuals that want, need, and will pay you for your expertise.

And don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook…all sessions are recorded and uploaded on our website ( and YouTube Channel (Fitness Education Seminars).

Dedicated to helping you make this year your best year ever as a health and fitness professional.

P.S. Do you want help developing a more purposeful approach to working with baby boomers and seniors, pre and post-natal, pre and post rehabilitation, pre and post joint replacements, as well as those everyday folks simply looking for safe and effective training programs?

Then join us in Orange County, CA in 3 weeks from now for the…

Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program

In this three-day intensive certification program – CEU’s available from ACE, NASM, and AFAA – you’ll discover:

  • What assessments and exercises to do as well as what exercises you want or need to avoid with your older clients that have osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and joint replacements…
  • How to use the principles of the Integrative Movement System™ – the foundational A, B, C’s – alignment, breathing, and control – to improve posture, chronic tightness, and movement…
  • The most effective assessments, corrective exercises, and functional exercises to help your clients safely and effectively improve posture, balance, movement, walking, and performance!

Because you will be workshopping this information so you know exactly how it feels and so that you can confidently teach the information to your clients, this workshop is limited to 25 participants.

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