Got Clients with Knee Problems? The 3 most important things YOU need to do…

Hi – Jenice and I hope you had a great weekend.

We just returned from Houston, TX after celebrating an early Christmas with my sister Sylvia and brother-in-law Wayne in Houston, TX.

My sister Sylvia is my God-mother and was like a mother to me as I was growing up.

I lived with sister and brother-in-law while going to college and Sylvia was an important role model and inspiration to me during this time.

Despite being born with Type I Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sylvia worked harder than anyone I knew.

She was up early each morning to make my brother-in-law his lunch before she headed off to work as a nurse specializing in diabetes education. She would often return home from work around 9pm (or later) and be up late finishing her daily paperwork.

And like many individuals of her generation, she never complained about the long hours or the constant pain she experienced in dealing with her arthritic issues and other health issues.

Sylvia has had many orthopedic surgeries in her lifetime –  knees, wrists, elbows, and spine – her latest being right meniscus surgery this past September.

Over the weekend, she asked me to look at her right heel – the same side as her knee surgery – which had recently become swollen and painful over the last few weeks.

The inside of her heel was indeed swollen and painful to the touch and her foot was extremely stiff.

When I evaluated her walking, I noticed she was walking on the outside of her foot and wasn’t bending her knee as much as she should have been.

I asked her how much physical therapy she had after her surgery… take a guess at how many visits you think the orthopedic surgeon recommended for her?

18 visits? 10 visits? 6 visits?

Zero…she had zero physical therapy after major surgery! She received absolutely no physical therapy, exercise recommendations, or ergonomic suggestions after her surgery…

…and now she has an entirely new orthopedic issue resulting from not adequately dealing with her post-surgical compensations.

Similarly, my brother-in-law Wayne recently twisted his knee and now has knee pain as well. After a recent visit to his orthopedic surgeon, he was given a cortisone injection and told to go home and follow up with her in 3 weeks. She said if nothing changed, she’d send him for an MRI.

Again, absolutely no physical therapy or other useful strategies were offered to him.

The primary reason I am sharing Sylvia and Wayne’s story with you is simple…

…There are millions of individuals just like Sylvia and Wayne that need your expertise and don’t know where to turn for help!

  • This is the exact reason we share so much FREE information with you on our website (, on our Facebook Page and Instagram (@iihfe)
  • This is also why I accepted a role to be on the education board for the Medical Fitness Education Foundation and why I am a presenter on the Medical Fitness Tour (
  • And this is why Jenice and I created two of the most advanced industry certifications – The Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ and Integrative Movement Specialist™ Certification programs!

During our certification programs, we share the Integrative Movement System™  Approach to Posture and Movement so that health and fitness professionals like you have a systematic and repeatable approach to helping individuals with chronic tightness, discomfort, and the inability to perform at the level they need or want.

What I’m going to share with you in this series is the 3 phases of The Integrative Movement System™:

  1. ASSESS — Phase I: Discover – You’ll use your assessments to identify your client’s non-optimal and inefficient posture and movement habits.
  2. ADDRESS — Phase II: Address – You’ll utilize the most appropriate corrective exercises to help your client adopt more optimal and efficient posture and movement habits.
  3. PROGRESS — Phase III: Integrate – You’ll integrate the more optimal and efficient habits into the functional movement patterns that your clients need to do to safely and effectively accomplish their health and fitness goals.

I’ll on Facebook Live tomorrow at 12:00pm CST with Part 1 of this series of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI) where I’m sharing with you the Integrative Movement System™  Approach to Posture and Movement

…and the 3 things YOU need to do when training individuals with knee conditions.

I say YOU because there are so many individuals – baby boomers, seniors, pre and post rehab – individuals just like my sister and brother-in-law that need your expertise because they aren’t receiving the right amount or types of therapy after major surgery…

YOU can help so many individuals that have Incomplete Rehab Syndrome or No-Rehab-Syndrome as well as individuals struggling with chronic joint issues such as knee arthritis.

Committed to helping YOU be the specialist your current clients need and your potential clients will seek out.

Make it a great week!

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