Have You Ever Wanted to Learn Tai Chi?

Happy Monday!

Jenice and I hope you had a great weekend and your weeks’ off to an amazing start.

  1. As I mentioned in last week’s edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI), I’m on a writing sabbatical working on the 2nd Edition of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Conditioning (due out in 2020).

One of the things I am including in the book is how much overlap there is between the principles of the Integrative Movement System™ – alignment, breathing, and control – and the timeless concepts of Tai Chi.

I am sure you’ve heard of the benefits of Tai Chi for balance and overall joint health. Did you know that it has also been shown to improve cognitive (brain) health as well?

As I was looking over the research, I came across the following article:

The benefits of Tai Chi and brisk walking for cognitive function and fitness in older adults (2017).

In conclusion, the researchers noted:

“These findings demonstrated that regular participation in brisk walking and Tai Chi have significant beneficial effects on executive function and fitness.”

More specifically, they noted that while brisk walking is beneficial, Tai Chi has a stronger impact on brain health which can benefit the cognitive decline that affects so many of your older adult clients.

They suggest the benefits come from paying specific attention to how one is standing and moving – i.e. mindfulness – that makes it superior to walking which often times is done quite mindlessly.

This is very similar to the concepts that we teach in the Integrative Movement System™ and why we stress the importance of 3 important concepts during our training.

  • Presence – The client must be present and tuned in to their session.
  • Awareness – The client must be aware of their current posture and movement as well as the more optimal strategy they are learning.
  • Pace – The client is taught to slow down their pace (speed) so that they become more aware of their mistakes and can instantly correct them. This is also one of the ways the great athletes perfect their movement as well.

If you’re like me, you may be interested in discovering more about Tai Chi and how you can easily incorporate some of the key concepts into your current workout programs without having to go to abroad and immerse yourself into a year-long study program.

Great news…

Tomorrow at 1:30pm, my friend Dianne Bailey, creator of Open the Door to Tai Chi, will be joining me on a FREE webinar:

Simple Ways to Incorporate Tai Chi into

Your Current Programs for Your Actively Aging Clients

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If you can’t make it to the live webinar, no worries, we’ll send you the recording later in the week. However, you must sign up if you want to receive it.

  1. Last week I was on a webinar with Dianne discussing the 3 go-to exercises we use to improve posture, balance, and walking in our Actively Aging clients. If you missed it, you can access that recording below.
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Make it an amazing week. Speak with you tomorrow at 1:30pm CST.

P.S. Mark your calendars for tomorrow’s webinar with Dianne at 1:30pm CST. I am going to have Dianne discuss why Tai Chi is so powerful for your older clients and share some simple ways to incorporate it Tai Chi into your current programs.

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P.P.P.S. If you missed last week’s webinar where I shared our 3 go-to exercises for improving posture, balance, and walking, you can access that here.

You can access the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0MQsuKEe24