How the Integrative Movement System™️ Can Develop You into an Advanced Medical Fitness Professional

Dr. Evan Osar and Jenice Mattek talk about Medical Fitness and how the Integrative Movement System™️ can develop you and or your team into Advanced Medical Fitness Professionals.

How Medical Fitness can help you differentiate and have greater impact and income as a fitness professional.

Why Medical Fitness? Why Specialize?

Lisa Dougherty, head of Medical Fitness Network joins me to discuss how you can specialize and join the growing movement. Jenice Mattek and I created the Integrative Movement System to help you develop your expertise and differentiate yourself in the market.

How a Principle-Based Strategy like The Integrative Movement System™ is Key to Your Success.

Creating a Strategy for Success: why Medical Fitness can help differentiate your skill set so you have Greater outcomes, Greater impact, and generate significantly greater income as a Specialist.