Dr. Evan Osar Interviews Active Aging Training Specialist Jackie Bachmeier of Evolution Fitness & Wellness

👉🏾Jackie Bachmeier discussed: ✣How she and her team utilizes the Integrative Movement System™ to work with older adults with chronic tightness, balance issues, and common medical issues ✣the importance of being a Specialist and getting the right training and coaching ✣how being a part of a Mastermind with Dr. Dan M. Ritchie (Functional Aging Institute) […]

Do You Want Referrals from Health and Medical Professionals?

See Dr. Osar at the Elite Fitness and Performance Summit. Use our code EFPS2019 to save $100 on your enrollment. Those who enroll will get a FREE 30 minute consultation with Dr. Osar. Register today! https://ubsystems.isrefer.com/go/EFPS2019/IMS/ FINAL OPPORTUNITY for Early Bird Registration for this October’s Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program. This 3-day intensive Certification […]

The 1 Thing YOU Need to Do NOW to Make This Your Best Year Ever as a Health and Fitness Professional

Happy Friday. We hope you had a great week. Last weekend, I presented at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East. Thank you if you were one of the amazing fitness professionals that attended my sold-out sessions. Also, last weekend, Jenice and Sara (Certified Integrative Movement Specialist here in our clinic) were in Kansas City premiering their […]

3 Common Issues and 3 Best-Practice Strategies for Training the Female Core

Happy Tuesday. We hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This past weekend we were joined by our team of Integrative Movement Specialists™ for our first I.M.S.™ Instructor Training. While it was an intense weekend of learning and sharing, we made time for fun as well… Oh, and of course for food. Speaking […]

Do You Know the Best Approach to Training the Female Core?

Last week was a blessed moment in my life…I celebrated my 50th Birthday.  Having hit this milestone birthday has made me quite reflective of my life.  Three of the greatest things I’ve realized in the last few months of reflection are: 1. How many ‘coincidences’ in life – from being adopted, to going to chiropractic school, to […]

The ONE thing that can make all the difference and make this your best year ever!

If you’re like most health and fitness professionals we meet, you are passionate about changing lives and you have a strong desire to work with the right individuals that want, need, and will pay you for your expertise. And we know how it feels to be frustrated to find accurate information that applies to every […]

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