Keys to Better Walking and Running For Your Clients Over 50

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Happy Tuesday. If you’re in the United States, Jenice and I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

We just returned from Taipei, Taiwan where we led a group of passionate fitness professionals through the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program.

We’ll be in Orange County, California this coming weekend presenting the ICEI™ Certification Program.

Upcoming ICEI™ locations: California (May) / Florida (August) / Phoenix (October) / Chicago (November).

The I.C.E.I.™ Certification Program is geared to providing health and fitness pros like you with a strategic process for safely and successfully working with older clients that present with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint replacements
  • Chronic posture and movement issues
  • A desire to move, feel, and perform at their best!

The I.C.E.I.™ Certification Program teaches you a very specific process including how to appropriately:

  • Assess to determine the underlying causes of your client’s chronic tightness, discomfort, weakness, posture, and movement issues;
  • Utilize the most effective corrective exercises to create more optimal and efficient habits and restore your client’s ROM, posture, mobility, and stability;
  • Integrate these new habits into the fundamental movement patterns so your clients can safely and successfully achieve their health and fitness goals.

In this week’s edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ I’m going to share with you how we use this this very simple, yet strategic process to help our older clients here at Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists develop an improved strategy for walking and running.

This is the process we teach in depth during the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program so that you walk away with the exact strategy you can easily incorporate into the programs you’re already using with success.

This process will help your clients walk and/or run more efficiently and perform at their best whether they have osteoarthritis, joint replacements, or have never exercised before.

Make it a great week!

And if you’re truly committed to making this your best year ever, then take action like the fit pros in Taiwan did this past weekend and as countless others have done who have invested in their future by learning the Integrative Movement System™ Approach to Posture and Movement.  

  • If you’re looking to finally gain confidence in your assessments, corrective exercises, and your process to help your older clients so you can attract more clients and differentiate yourself in the industry, choose to enroll in the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program.
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Once we receive confirmation of your enrollment in either program, we’ll send you a free interview I did with my friend Dr. Dan Ritchie, founder of the Functional Aging Institute and Miracles Fitness, on how to effectively market and start attracting more older individuals that want and need you to be their specialist.

Both events were developed to provide real-world strategies for helping you become the go-to specialist in working with older adults and for developing a successful business around serving this population.

We look forward to meeting you at the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program or Functional Aging Summit.

 >>>Access the 3 Keys for increasing walking and running in your older clients by clicking the image below.