Knee Issues? Best Corrective Exercise Strategy

HiJenice and I hope you had a great weekend.

We just returned from Boston, MA teaching the final presentation of the 2018 season…thank you to all the great fit pros that came out and showed their dedication to their education!

While we taught 5 sessions this weekend, one of our most popular sessions was on the knee.

During the session, we shared The Integrative Movement System™ Approach to helping clients with common knee issues including:

  • Tightness and/or discomfort
  • Osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint conditions
  • Joint replacements

Here I am sharing with the group the BEST 3 exercises for working with individuals with knee issues.

This is the same strategy that we’re sharing with you in this series of Integrative Movement Insider™ :

  • In Part 1 I shared with you why so many of your clients develop knee issues
  • In Part 2, I demonstrated a super, simple assessment that you can use to identify your clients non-optimal and inefficient habits that often contribute to knee issues

Today, in Part 3, I’m sharing with you the BEST corrective exercise strategy for addressing the cause of many individual’s knee issues…

And the reason so many individuals struggle with knee problems is not because they’re in anterior pelvic tilt and have short and tight hip flexors like we’ve so often been taught…

Click on the link below to learn the first step of the Integrative Movement System™ Corrective Exercise Strategy for working with individuals with knee problems.

Committed to helping YOU be the specialist your current clients need and your potential clients will seek out,

Evan, Jenice & the Team at IIHFE


Last year, I used the 12 days of Christmas theme and presented Jenice with a small (yet significant) gift every day for 12 days through the Christmas Holiday.

She recently reminded me of this – not sure if it was a subtle hint 😉 and it made me think, let’s have a little fun and offer the 12 days of holiday savings to our loyal followers.

Beginning this week, be sure to check in daily with us (December 13-24) on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and check out our 12 Days of Holiday Specials of on our most popular online products and upcoming immersion courses.

These are the most requested and popular topics that we created specifically to help you be that solution your clients need to address common issues like:

  • Scoliosis
  • Glute weakness and hip flexor tightness
  • The forward shoulder position
  • Posture and balance issues
  • Chronic tightness and weakness

So, stay tuned for this first ever event!

To access part 3 of this series of Integrative Movement Insider™ click here to discover the BEST corrective exercises to help your clients with knee issues.