Ankle and Foot Issues? Strategies This Week at IIHFE Facebook Live

This past weekend Jenice, Sara, and I hosted our Annual Mastery course for graduates of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ program. These individuals have completed the year-long Integrative Movement Specialist™ program and come back annually to enhance their knowledge, ‘level up’ their skills, and be supported by like-minded colleagues. While we love meeting and interacting with health and fitness professionals […]

Rule #3: 1 Thing You Can Do Today to Change Posture & Movement

In this series of IMI we are looking at three things you can do today to help your clients achieve their goals. Whether you focus on health and wellness, body transformation, balance and aging, or bootcamp and HIIT programs, it’s important you recognize that you’re in the habit-change business. Because nothing changes until you get […]

3 Things You Can Do Today to Change Posture & Movement

Jenice and I hope this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ finds you well. We just returned from another amazing weekend of sharing. This past weekend we were at the SCW Dallas MANIA. Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to making it a great event for us. As you are aware, Texas is currently being […]

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Stability – Part II

In the last edition of IMI we discussed the concept and importance of helping your clients develop an optimal low-level core stabilization strategy. Developing a low-level core stabilization strategy enables your clients to: Use the most optimal core strategy so that their posture and movement is more efficient and less effortful. Reduce chronic tightness related […]

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Exercises – Part I

Hi – welcome to this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI). Jenice and I hope this edition of IMI finds you well. If you work with the general population like we do, then you undoubtedly work with a number of folks that have musculoskeletal issues that affect their ability to perform their daily activities with ease and […]

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