Scoliosis, Stenosis, and Osteoporosis – Successful Training Strategies

Welcome to this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™. We hope your week is off to a great start.

Last week, I shared with you that the #1 thing you can do right now to make this year your best year ever is to develop yourself into a Specialist.

In fact, we just welcomed a new team of Integrative Movement Specialists™ into our community.

These folks just completed 9 months of online study of the Integrative Movement System™ Approach to Posture and Movement followed by a week-long intensive training in our office.

Once they complete their final case study and pass their exam, this team of individuals will become Certified Integrative Movement Specialists™.

Why should YOU become a Specialist? Consider the following scenario…

Your favorite client needs spine surgery. Would you recommend she go to a general surgeon that removes skin tags, ingrown toe nails, and does a few orthopedic surgeries on the hips and knees?


Would you send her to the absolute best surgeon who knows and specializes in the spine?

Obviously, you would send her to the specialist.

Now, think about your potential clients looking for someone to help them with their chronic tightness or discomfort, or to help them get down to the floor to play with their grandchildren, or to help them address chronic knee and hip issues so they can go on a trip of a lifetime…

Why should they come to see you as opposed to simply going to a trainer at their local gym?

Or why can’t they just follow their favorite Instagram fitness guru to learn what to do to address their chronic tightness, discomfort, or inability to perform at the levels they need or want?

I hope you answered that by saying that they should see you because you’re not a weekend certified or fly-by-night or run-of-the-mill trainer.

They should see you because you’re the Specialist that has mastered their knowledge and skills and is committed to helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

And because you’re a Specialist, you have a systematic approach to assess, address, and progress them so that they can successfully – and safely – achieve their health and fitness goals.

As my good friend and business coach Pat Rigsby mentioned in a recent post, “People want specialists.”

I will add, people won’t pay long-term for generalists… that’s why I believe the vast majority of personal trainers are out of the industry in 3-5 years.

However, people will invest in Specialists.

They will follow a Specialist who will help them figure out the best path for successfully and safely accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

So, the #1 thing you can do starting today, is develop yourself into a Specialist and letting your potential clients know what you specialize in.

Speaking of being a Specialist, there are millions of individuals living with scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and/or osteoporosis that don’t know where to turn for help in accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

In other words, they are looking for a Specialist just like you to help them move better, perform better, and feel their best.

Since we’re getting ready to teach our brand-new workshop in Phoenix, AZ (there are 7 spots remaining) on the best assessments, corrective exercise, and functional exercise progressions for working with individuals with scoliosis, stenosis, and osteoporosis, I’ll be sharing with you some simple things you can plug directly into the programs that you’re already using with success.

Be that Specialist these folks need, want, and will pay for.

I just shot a brand-new video on the most important things you need to know to about working with these folks…you can access it below.

Make it a great week.

Dedicated to helping you make this year your best year ever as a health and fitness professional.

You can access the video here.

P.S. Do you work with or want to specialize in working with individuals that have scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and/or osteoporosis?

Are you looking for real-world strategies and exercises to help you safely train and not injure your clients?

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Corrective Exercise Strategies for working with your clients that have been diagnosed for Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, and/or Osteoporosis.

In this one-day intensive workshop – CEU’s available from ACE, NASM, and AFAA – you’ll discover:

  • What exercises to do as well as what exercises you want or need to avoid with your clients that have stenosis, scoliosis, and/or osteoporosis…
  • How to use the principles of the Integrative Movement System™ – the foundational A, B, C’s – alignment, breathing, and control – to improve posture, chronic tightness, and movement…
  • The most effective assessments, corrective exercises, and functional exercises to help your clients safely and effectively improve posture, balance, movement, walking, and performance!

Because you will be workshopping this information so you know exactly how it feels and so that you can confidently teach the information to your clients, this workshop is limited to the first 25 participants.

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