Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Stability – Part III

I’ll make this quick, as we’re presenting the following two sessions today at the SCW Atlanta MANIA event: Corrective Exercise for the Female Core and Corrective Exercise for the Psoas & Glutes. We’ll be sharing this very important concept – the one concept that we’ve been sharing with you in this IMI series: Stop focusing on ‘strength’. […]

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Stability – Part II

In the last edition of IMI we discussed the concept and importance of helping your clients develop an optimal low-level core stabilization strategy. Developing a low-level core stabilization strategy enables your clients to: Use the most optimal core strategy so that their posture and movement is more efficient and less effortful. Reduce chronic tightness related […]

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Exercises – Part I

Hi – welcome to this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI). Jenice and I hope this edition of IMI finds you well. If you work with the general population like we do, then you undoubtedly work with a number of folks that have musculoskeletal issues that affect their ability to perform their daily activities with ease and […]