Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Stability – Part II

In the last edition of IMI we discussed the concept and importance of helping your clients develop an optimal low-level core stabilization strategy. Developing a low-level core stabilization strategy enables your clients to: Use the most optimal core strategy so that their posture and movement is more efficient and less effortful. Reduce chronic tightness related […]

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Core Exercises – Part I

Hi – welcome to this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI). Jenice and I hope this edition of IMI finds you well. If you work with the general population like we do, then you undoubtedly work with a number of folks that have musculoskeletal issues that affect their ability to perform their daily activities with ease and […]

The #1 New Release on Amazon?

My new book, The Psoas Solution, is #1 in the New Release category of Physiology. Not sure why it got categorized in Physiology however it’s still pretty cool. I spent the last two years researching, compiling information, and writing this book. The question I often get is ‘why’? Why spend so much time writing about […]

Summer Solstice

  Jenice and I hope this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI) finds you well. Besides the beginning of the pro football season, this is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons – more daylight, more warmth, more opportunities to get outside, etc., etc., etc. Another reason June is a favorite time […]

Our Older Population Needs This from You

  Jenice and I are off to Orlando this week. On Thursday we’ll present our one-day intensive – Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ – Level I: Core Training for Older Adults On Friday and Saturday we’ll be part of the third annual Functional Aging Summit hosted by our friends and colleagues Drs. Dan Ritchie and Cody […]

Baby Boomers and Seniors Need This for Shoulder Health

In this series of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI) we’re addressing a few things that our older clients need to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The content in this series comes from the reflections of a conversation I had with one of my favorite patients who expressed her comments about aging. In her mid-60’s, Debbie has […]

Baby Boomers and Seniors Need This to Improve Hip Function

I just returned home from presenting a synopsis of the information that I wrote about in my soon-to-be-released book: The Psoas Solution.  Click here to get your copy!  While I believe the fit pros in attendance experienced quite a few ‘Aha’ moments during the presentation – Corrective Exercise Strategies for Improving Psoas & Glute Function […]

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