The 1 Thing YOU Need to Do NOW to Make This Your Best Year Ever as a Health and Fitness Professional

Happy Friday. We hope you had a great week.

Last weekend, I presented at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East. Thank you if you were one of the amazing fitness professionals that attended my sold-out sessions.

Also, last weekend, Jenice and Sara (Certified Integrative Movement Specialist here in our clinic) were in Kansas City premiering their Brand-New Course:

Restoring the Female Core after Pregnancy, Surgery, and Injury

You see, Jenice and Sara have established themselves into industry specialists in working with women after pregnancy, surgery, and/or injury.

They’ve written the ONLY book specifically for women who have had chest, abdominal, and/or pelvic surgery and struggle with chronic tightness, discomfort, or weakness.

And now they are teaching their specialty to health and fitness professionals.

How does this relate to you in getting more clients and making this year your best year ever as a health and fitness professional?

Because you need to develop yourself into a specialist.

On a recent blog post, my good friend and business coach Pat Rigsby discussed this very topic.

I highlighted a few of the important points Pat shares in his post:

Remember, there are so many individuals that don’t know where to turn for help in accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

So, be that specialist they need and want and will pay for.

Click here to discover the 1 Thing you need can do right now to start being that specialist and to have greater impact, to attract more of the right clients, and to earn more money as a health and fitness professional this year.

Also, to help you be that specialist for your current and potential clients, I’ve been sharing video posts from the Integrative Movement Specialist™ Certification Program on our Instagram page @iihfe.

Make it a great weekend.

Dedicated to helping you make this year your best year ever as a health and fitness professional.

P.S. Do you work with clients that have spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and/or osteoporosis? Are you looking for real-world strategies and exercises to help you safely train and not injure your clients?

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Corrective Exercise Strategies for working with your clients that

have been diagnosed for Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, and/or Osteoporosis.

You’ll discover the most applicable and up-to-date strategies for working with your clients if they’ve been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and/or osteoporosis.

In this one-day intensive workshop – CEU’s available from ACE, NASM, and AFAA – you’ll discover:

  • What exercises to do as well as what exercises you want or need to avoid with your clients that have stenosis, scoliosis, and/or osteoporosis…
  • How to use the principles of the Integrative Movement System™ – the foundational A, B, C’s – alignment, breathing, and control – to improve posture, chronic tightness, and movement…
  • The most effective assessments, corrective exercises, and functional exercises to help your clients safely and effectively improve posture, balance, movement, walking, and performance!

Because you will be workshopping this information so you know exactly how it feels and so that you can confidently teach the information to your clients, this workshop is limited to the first 25 participants.

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