The Most Important Concept for Training Older Clients


Hello and welcome to this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI).

This past weekend Jenice and I presented at Fitness Fest in Mesa, AZ. Thank you to all the great individuals who attended our workshops and our Pre Con event – Level I of the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ certification program.

During our workshops, we presented the strategies that we use in our own clinic to train the older adult client with:

  • Osteoarthritis of the spine and hips
  • Knee degeneration and foot issues
  • The forward shoulder and head position

The great news is that if you were unable to attend our sessions, each of the three workshop sessions were filmed and you’ll be able to gain access to all the information including, the session handouts in the coming weeks. We’ll give you a heads up when the link is available.

During our workshop sessions as well as during our Pre Con event, I shared what I believe to be one of the most important concepts when working with your older clients. That one concept is…


What is purpose? Purpose is the ‘aim or intention of what you are doing.’

You should always have a very specific purpose to why you are doing something, why something makes it into your program, and why you’ve designed your programs the way you do.

The more specific your purpose, generally the better the results you will achieve.

To be purposeful, ask yourself the following questions as you evaluate your exercises/programs with your older adults:

  • Why am I choosing to do this particular exercise or program with my client?
  • Is this exercise, cue, or strategy producing the intended response in my client?
  • Is there a better or more appropriate exercise, cue, or strategy to help my client achieve their goals?

In our clinic, we are always evaluating our exercises and programs and asking ourselves these questions. That is often why we use certain corrective exercise and not others, why we use certain cues and not others, and why we approach our programs in certain ways and not just jump on the latest trends or fads.

The cool thing about this concept is that the more purposeful we have become with our approach, the greater the results we have achieved with our programs.

Take home message:

  • Become very purposeful in how you approach your programs.
  • Regularly sit down and evaluate your approach so that you continue to hone your program.
  • Make the necessary changes so that you are as purposeful as possible so you help your clients successfully move towards accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

In the next few editions of IMI I will share with you one key concept from each of our 3 sessions from this past weekend. I will share with you how we are very purposeful in how we approach and integrate corrective exercise into our programs.

And in the coming weeks, you will be able to get access to downloads for all 3 of our sessions from this past weekend.

  • Training the Older Client with Osteoarthritis – Core and Hips
  • Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Knee and Foot
  • Corrective Exercise Strategies for Improving the Forward Shoulder 

We’ll be in Kansas City this coming weekend presenting Level I of our Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ certification program this weekend.  For more information about this event, click here.

This one-day intensive focuses on integrating corrective exercise into your programs when working with clients with degenerative changes of their trunk and spine.

If you can’t join us in KC, then check out the other locations where we will be presenting this information:

August 3rd – Reston, VA (Washington D.C area)

October 27th – Long Beach, CA