Video Part 4 >>> Strength Training for Your Active Agers – #activeagingweek

Video Part 4: For Active Agers with forward, tight shoulders, here’s what to do…

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This week is Active Aging Week so we’re dedicating this week’s editions of Integrative Movement Insider™ to helping you develop your expertise in training the fundamental movement patterns.

Did you catch yesterday’s video where I discussed how to easily assess and train pushing patterns for the forward shoulder?

If you missed it, you can access it below.

I was on Facebook Live discussing:

  • Why you should not have your older clients retract or depress their scapula during pulling patterns.
  • Why you need to train alignment more than you need to train retraction and depression.
  • How to train pulling patterns (Rows) for improved shoulder stability and mobility.

You can access this video – as well as each of the previous videos – below.

Keep empowering your Active Agers and encouraging them to refer their friends and family so they too can benefit from your expertise.

I’ll speak with you throughout the weekend from the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ Certification Program.

This is the Certification Program for YOU if your goal is to best serve your clients and attract more Active Agers that want and need your expertise, click here to learn more.

Access Part 4 where I describe how to set up Rows and Pulling Patterns for your Active Aging population below: