What is your ‘ONE THING?’

Hello – Jenice and I hope this edition of Integrative Movement Insider (IMI) finds you well.

Jenice, Sara, and I just returned from Taiwan where we completed our Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor certification program. We had a ton of fun sharing with so many awesome and like-minded fitness professionals and physical therapists.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Yuan Ming Li for hosting us and attracting so many great individuals looking to make a positive change and be leaders in our industry.


And a warm thank you to our translators – and new friends – JoJo, Ching Ching, Bow Bow, Bi Bi, and my main man Yo Lin!!! You guys were great in helping us convey our message.

The cool thing about the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor certification program and why we have such a great time sharing this information is that this program was designed for those health and fitness professionals that serve older adults – primarily the baby boomers and seniors.



You see, there are many health and fitness professionals in our industry. In Chicago alone there are well over 10,000 chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, fitness professionals, massage therapists, occupational therapists, acupuncturists, exercise physiologists, and athletic trainers.

In other words, there are a lot of individuals that your clients – as well as your potential clients – can choose from.

Why do our clients chose us to work with?

Because we don’t try to serve them all. We are very specific about who we attract and choose to work with.

We work with the individuals between the ages of 50-85 who are experiencing chronic tightness and discomfort and are looking for proactive strategies for accomplishing their health and fitness goals. 

Even more specifically, we specialize in working with older adults that have failed traditional therapy, rehabilitation, and/or training approaches, but want to feel better and continue to be active.

Jenice and Sara have recently become even more specific with their ideal client. Since they began writing their book – What Lies Beneath: The Under-Realized Effects of Abdominal, Breast & Pelvic Surgeries – they began switching the focus of their practice so that they now specialize in women ages 25-85 who have had breast, abdominal, and/or pelvic surgeries – and are looking to be more physically active but are experiencing side effects related to their surgeries.  Please click here for more information about the under-realized effects of surgery.

Unfortunately, I learned this lesson of becoming a specialist the hard way. When Jenice and I first started Fitness Education Seminars(recently we changed our name to the Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Educationto better encompass the professionals we work with) I wanted to attract every possible fitness professional that was out there.

Initially my goal was to attract thousands of fitness professionals whether they trained athletes, ran boot camps, specialized in weight loss and body transformation, etc. because our information was so awesome (or so I thought) … and also because it was mostly free on our website and through our newsletters.

Because I didn’t listen to Jenice (she did encourage me from very early on to hone in to those health and fitness professionals that specifically wanted and needed to hear our unique message) our message was easily lost and we didn’t attract the individuals that we could best serve.

And since I’m stubborn and often times hard headed, it took me years to get this message. Yes, Jenice is a saint for being patient with me through this process.

One thing we have stressed over the last few years in our on-line – as well as brick and mortar business – is to become very clear about who we are looking to serve through our website, newsletter, workshops, and certification programs. 

We are not interested in attracting those health and fitness pros who primarily work with athletes, who do Cross Fit, who run HIIT boot camps and classes, or those running 8 week transformation classes.

We are interested serving those health and fitness professionals who work with the same clients we primarily work with – the older adult client who is experiencing chronic tightness and discomfort and wants and needs a professional to help them feel better, move better, and age healthy.

The primary focus of our on-line and live education is to provide health and fitness professionals with a reliable resource for understanding the nuances of working with older adult clients that present with very real goals and often a complicated medical history such as:

  • Chronic tightness and posture issues
  • Chronic discomfort that inhibit them from doing the things they want, need, and love to do
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal issues
  • Joint replacements

The primary focus of Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Educationis specifically upon serving those of you that work with older adults.

And we designed the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ certification program specifically for those of you that work with older adult clients like we do in our own clinic.

Take home message and homework:

  • If you haven’t already done so, take some time over the next few weeks to define who it is you truly want to serve. Because they need to know you are specific to them and are the specialist that can help them solve their problems and accomplish their goals.
  • Write down specifically who it is you want to serve and how you want to serve them (one-on-one, small group, on-line, etc.).
  • Define how are you going to differentiate yourself from your competition. In other words, what is the ONE THING you can offer them (what is the problem you help them solve) and why should they choose you to work with versus all the others vying for their attention?

When you get very specific about who you want to work with and the ONE THING that defines and separates you from your competition, the right individuals will find you and stay with you.

In the next 3-part series of Integrative Movement Insider™ (IMI) I’ll share some of the keys we share during our Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ certification program about working with older adults with chronic low back tightness and discomfort.